Mannings Plus – Your one-stop destination of health and beauty needs!

Mannings believes that striving for excellence is a process of evolution, that’s why we have pioneered our first new health concept store Mannings Plus in 2010 to cater for your health and beauty needs.

Mannings Plus offers you an authoritative assortment of products for inner and outer health. Our Professional Health Care Team is formed to take care of your daily health and beauty needs. The Registered Pharmacist, Registered Dietitian, Health Advisor and Beauty Advisor provide personalized and professional services, including weight management, free diet consultation, health analysis, disease management and medication consultation, etc.

Starting from today, entrust your health and beauty needs to Mannings Plus!

Mannings Baby – A hassle-free shopping environment for you and your babies!

Mannings strives to take care of your well-being. Mannings Baby store is tailored to encompass a comprehensive health and beauty range, combined with professional nurse and dietitian services to better serve your family.

Our product assortment ranges from organic baby food with certificates of quality, professional and derma baby skin care products, to maternity necessities for pregnant mothers. All are authoritative brands made from countries well known for their excellence in manufacturing practices. We are vigilant and careful in ensuring the safety and efficacy of our products, and take pride in providing only products of premium quality for you and your loved ones.

We are passionate in providing innovative new services for the well-being and the changing needs of our customers.

Breakthrough in Hong Kong: The First Pharmacist App! 
•   1-click access to Mannings' Professional Pharmacist Team, taking care of your health anywhere
•   WiFi video-calling provides real-time professional advice tailored to your health needs
•   HD lens for instant advice on proper use of medications
•   Face-to-face consultation with our Family Pharmacist, your health partner attentive to your individual needs

• The First Electronic Medication Management System
Missing of regular drugs or medications, which may happen to the seniors and busy Hong Kong people, could be harmful to health. To us, nothing is more important than your health. And so, Mannings has spearheaded the first "Electronic Medication Management System", a pioneering personalised medication record system in Hong Kong. It provides a clear drug usage tracking record of customers and facilitates correct drug prescriptions. Based on the daily alerts, our pharmacists will make phone calls to customers for drug refill so as to avoid any treatment delay. Checking the record also reduces the risk of drug interaction or drug allergy, making every drug prescription safe.

Mannings is one of the renowned brands in Dairy Farm Group, the leading retail enterprise in Pan-Asia. The well-known brands of the Group include GNC, Wellcome, ThreeSixty, Market Place by Jason's, IKEA, 7-Eleven, Maxim's, Starbucks Coffee, Guardian, Cold Storage, Giant and Hero. With 100,000 staff working in over 5,800 outlets, the Group makes every effort to take care every aspect of customers' needs.

To make Mannings the No.1 professional health and beauty corporation that takes care of the well-being of society.

To lead the trend and the industry in taking care of the well-being of society and people.

Hearty service counts. No doubt Mannings ranks No.1 Most Preferred Brand!

Recognised as the "No.1 Most Preferred Brand" for 13 consecutive years (2004-2016) in the telephone surveys conducted by global market research company Ipsos