Mannings Registered Pharmacist – Your professional health guardian!

  • Do you know some food, even fruits, can interact with drugs? For example, some cholesterol lowering medication like statin has drug-food interaction with grapefruit.
  • Do you know you should wait at least 2 hours to take health supplements after drugs?
  • Is a refrigerator the best place to store drugs and medication? 

Your health is always our priority. Mannings professional pharmacists are ready to provide solutions and free health consultation for your daily health needs. Pioneered Mannings Electronic Medication Management System provides customers with medication tracking for correct drug usage. Everything we do, we safeguard your health!

In addition to organizing different activities to promote public awareness on health and educating the public on how to prevent common diseases, we also provide free health tests and consultation.    

Registered Pharmacist
Free Pharmacist Services
  • Health Assessment
  • Disease Management
  • Drug Compliance
  • Drug Interaction
  • Blood Pressure Management
Registered Dietitian
Free Dietetic Services
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for Chronic Disease Management
  • Advice for Nutrient-Drug Interactions
  • Sports Nutrition Advice
  • Dietary Analysis and Personalized Diet Plan
  • Body Composition Analysis: Evaluation of Body Water, Fat and Muscle Content
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Pre- and Post- Pregnancy Diet Consultation
  • Dietary Management for Children

Mannings Registered Dietitian – Your professional diet consultant!

  • What can I do with my child’s picky eating habits?
  • Is “dieting” the only effective way to lose weight?
  • Is avoiding sweets the best way to control diabetes? 

Mannings Registered Dietitians are here to give you the answers.  Through simple yet effective health and dietary assessments, our dietitians provide you with professional nutrition and dietary advice according to your needs.  We also construct a personalized diet plan to assist you in adopting a healthier lifestyle.  

Worried about your pre- and post- pregnancy diet?  Rest assured! Our dietitians will provide tailor-made diet consultations for you and your babies in Mannings Baby stores!

Beauty Advisor – Your skincare expert understanding your needs!

  • Do you have dry skin even when you drink a lot of water?
  • Are you feeling frustrated with your eczema, redness or other skin issues for many years? 

Mannings Beauty Advisors are your solution.  Qualified by the tailored course “Mannings Beauty Advisor – Foundation Certificate in Pharmaceutical Science for Beauty Care“ organized by HKUSPACE, we professionally offer neutral and efficient solutions to tackle your specific skin care problems.  From skin structure to skin allergy, from derma product ingredients to derma beauty treatment, our Beauty Advisors are well-equipped to answer your own skincare queries with professional and personalized advice.

Besides, all derma-skincare products and hypoallergenic products recommended by our Beauty Advisors are all clinically tested and approved to ensure high efficacy and safety. 

Beauty Advisor
Free Beauty Advisor Services
  • Free Skincare Advice
  • Personalized Derma Skincare Mapping Solution
  • Derma Skin Care Product Ingredients Analysis
Health Advisor
Free Health Advisor Services
  • Free Health Consultation
  • Personalized Health Care Advice
  • Chinese Supplement Analysis
  • Western Supplement Analysis

Health Advisor – Your well-being buddy supporting your health!

  • Have you wondered why constipation occurs even if you eat vegetables every day?
  • Does coughing always mean you caught a cold? Do you know when to take Chinese or Western medicine?

Meet with our Mannings Health Advisors today to get the answers!  

Mannings Health Advisors are qualified by the course “Mannings Health Advisor Certificate – Foundation of Chinese Medicine and Western Health Product” organized by the Institute For the Advancement of Chinese Medicine (IACM) Ltd. (owned by HKBU) through one hundred and five course hours. 

With personalized consultation as well as strong knowledge on the product ingredients of both Chinese and Western supplements, our Health Advisors can offer suitable advice for your health needs.