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    *Innovative Sonic Vibration technology, 20,000 strokes per min. Cleans 5x more than manual toothbrush^
    *The sonic pulses create a powerful vibration influencing fluids with the toothpaste foam and water in your mouth to move into the areas between your teeth and the gum line, effectively removing plague and stains from the hard-to-reach spots.
    *Breakthrough multi-directional vibration mode, vibrating both left – right and up-down (unlike most of the battery toothbrushes that vibrate left-right only)
    *Unique 4-zone brush head design, with 3 different types of bristles (soft thin-tipped bristles, spiral tapered bristles, polishing cups) and tongue & cheek cleaner, helps remove stains and plague from teeth and gum line thoroughly as well as remove odor-causing bacteria
    *Bristles are infused with charcoal, which has great absorption power and can prevent bacteria growth^^
    *Testing proves that this product cleans 5x more than a manual flat-trim toothbrush
    *Tough on plague yet gentle on gum
    *Slim and lightweight design that’s easy and comfortable to maneuver without feeling too much vibration on the hand
    *Low decibel, designed for quiet brushing
    *2min timer as a reminder for you to brush for 2min as recommended by dentists
    *Water-proof, portable battery toothbrush
    *Brush head replaceable (Dentists and Hygienists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months)

    ^^ by removing surface stains

    Benefits of sonic vibration toothbrushes:
    *Unlike traditional manual brushing that only cleans the surface area where the bristles physically reach, Sonic Vibration technology employs ”fluid dynamic” as a secondary cleaning action, which reaches far beyond what a mechanical scrubbing motion can achieve. The high frequency and intense vibrational speed of the bristles ‘agitate’ the water and other fluids in the mouth to the extent that its reach extends beyond the actual brush contact points such as under the gum line and between teeth.
    *Compared to Oscillating Rotary Toothbrushes, Sonic Vibration Toothbrushes is gentler on the teeth surface and gum as the action of vibration is less “violent”.
    *Brush as usual or as using a manual toothbrush without having to change your brushing habit drastically.

    Benefits of Charcoal-infused bristles:
    *Once activated charcoal properties are built into the bristles, they can absorb plague and bacteria during brushing rather than rubbing it across the teeth.
    *Helps whiten teeth by removing surface stains on the teeth left by coffee, red wine and tea etc
    *Help reduce bad breath by removing odor-causing bacteria
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Product Description

With Sonic Vibration Technology, it effectively removes plague and stains between teeth and from under the gum line, including hard-to-reach areas. Cleans 5x more than a manual flat-trim toothbrush. Tough on the plague and gentle on the gum. Bristles are infused with charcoal, which prevent bacteria growth.

To clean:
After use, rinse toothbrush head thoroughly, shake off excess water, and store upright.
To replace battery:
Firmly hold the bottom of the handle while rotating the top anti-clockwise. Insert 2 new AAA batteries as indicated inside the brush handle and firmly rotate clockwise back into position to close.
To replace brush head:
Gently pull the brush head from the handle and press new Colgate® ProClinical® brush head firmly into place.

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