1.  What is Mann Card? Why should I apply for it?

Mann card is a membership card issued by Mannings Hong Kong to offer members with exclusive benefits.

-  Manning privileges:

       Mann Card Day - Enjoy 5% off on the 10th of each month

       Mann Card Price - Enjoy special price on over 100 hot items

       Mann Card Bonus Point - Earn 10X, 20X or extra bonus points on selected items

       Mann Card Exclusive Redemption - Redeem limited edition redemption products at special price or with less stamps


2.  How can I apply for a Mann Card? Any specific criterion for joining membership?

You can apply for our Mann card in any Mannings stores in Hong Kong and Macau, simply by filling an application form (Application forms are available from any Mannings stores in Hong Kong and Macau) or you can complete the personal information to register for E-membership Card.


3.  Can I apply for a membership if I am not a HK resident?

Yes, you can. There is no restriction on the nationality or place of residence.


4.  What will I receive after I apply for a membership?

After you have joined the membership from Mannings stores, you*ll receive a Welcome Pack containing a membership card and two supplementary cards.

If you completed the Membership Application via Mann Card Website or Mannings Mobile Application, an E-Membership Card will be issued to the member and no tangible Membership Card or Mini Card will be issued.



5.  How long does it take to receive my Mann Card?

You will be issued the membership card at cashier counter immediately after handing in your completed application form to Mannings stores.

If you apply for the membership via Mann Card Website or Mannings Mobile Application, an E-Membership Card will be issued.


6.  When can I start earning points?

You will be eligible to earn points and enjoy member offers for the next purchase as soon as you receive your Mann Card.


7.  Will my membership expire? Is there any expiry date of the reward points?

-  Mann Card is a permanent membership. You can enjoy our member benefits all the time.

- Expiry date of reward points for all members is on 30th September every year.


8.  Do I have to pay any membership fee?

There is no membership fee or minimum annual expenditure required.


9.  Can I use the membership card in any other Mannings stores outside Hong Kong?

The Mann Card can only be applied to Mannings stores in Hong Kong and Macau at the moment.




1.  How can I earn points with my Mann Card?

 You can earn:

 -  1 point for every HK$5 spent in Hong Kong and Macau Mannings stores

 -  Additional bonus or extra points which are rewarded for the purchase of selected items


2.  Can I earn points on any purchase in Mannings* stores?

Almost all items contribute to point collection, except Gift Vouchers, redemption items, Octopus Reloading Service, EPS Easy Cash and Plastic Shopping Bag Levy.


You cannot earn points while purchasing Gift Vouchers but points will be credited to your account when you use the vouchers.


3.  Can I still earn points if I use non-cash payment methods?

Point earning is not limited to any media of payment. You can settle the bill with Cash, Gift Vouchers, EPS, Octopus Card or Credit Card. By paying with a credit card, you will enjoy points rewarded to both of your membership card and credit card.


4.  Can I enjoy exclusive Mann Card price together with other in-store promotions?

       VIP price is a net price and cannot be concurrently used with other promotions.


5.  Can I enjoy 5% off on all items on Mann Card Day (10th every month)?

 The discount is not applicable to the purchase of One Day Special Items and Redemption Products, Non Discountable Products, Gift Voucher, Infant Baby and Children Milk powder, Baby Diapers, Phone Cards, Cosmetics/ Derma Cosmetics/ Health Counters Products, Prescription Medication, Member of Stamp Redemption Products, Hit & Run Promotion, EPS Easy Cash, Octopus Reloading Service and Plastic Bag Levy.  The discount cannot be used in conjunction with enJoy Day, Mannings Cash coupon, Mann Card 5% discount card and other promotional offers. 


6.  Can I have a joint account with my family members?

 Yes, of course. We encourage a shared membership among family members, so that points can be earned faster. If you register as a member from stores, we will offer you a main card with two supplementary cards, which carry the same barcode as the main card.


7.  Can I still earn the points if I forget to bring my Mann card?

If you do not have your Mann card with you in stores, you will miss out those points in the purchase. You can simply download Mannings Mobile Application from Apple Store or Google Play Store in order to log in your E-membership. Then, you earn your point by using the E-Mann card.


8.  How can I spend my points? What are the rewards?

You can enjoy exclusive product redemption with your points. There are a variety of items offered on a regular time basis for redemption. You can find more details on our in-store promotional materials, Mannings hotline, at our website (www. mannings.com.hk) and mobile application.




1.  If a payment is not an integral multiple of $5, how are the rewarded points calculated?

 The last digit of your payment will not be rounded up. For the purchase of HK$4.9 and HK$98, you will earn 0 and 19 (98/5=19.8) points respectively.


2.  How can I check the balance of points I have?

 There are 2 different ways to check your current point balance.

 - You can call our 24-hour customer service hotline at 2299 3381 by choosing language and (3) "Mannings Loyalty Club" followed by (2) "Checking point balance" and entering your 13-digit membership card ID.


 - You can log in our website (www.mannings.com.hk) or mobile application and check your point balance at the "My Account" webpage.


-   You can download Mannings App at Apple Store or Google Play Store and log in your account.  You can check your point balance by clicking the bar code stated on the membership number.  


3.  Does the point balance on my receipts include today*s transactions?

No. The point balance shown on your receipt only reflects your point balance till the end of the last calendar day.  





1.  Is it safe to enter my personal information when filling in my application form or sending it through the website?

Yes, we assure you that your personal information and data will be kept strictly confidential.  And, the information will be used for internal promotion only.


2.  How can I update my personal information?

You can update your personal information (e.g. your mailing address or contact number) by:

-  Contacting our Customer Service Representative via hotline at 2299 3381 by choosing language and (3) "Mannings Loyalty Club" followed by (5) "Personal information update".

-  Login our website (www.mannings.com.hk) and click on "Edit My Profile" at the right up corner of the screen.


3.  How will I be kept informed about exclusive member offers in store?

 -  We will send you information about relevant offers (e.g. coupons) through mail, mobile app, SMS, in-store promotional materials, our website or e-mails.

 -  If you want to find out more about detailed offers, please contact our Customer Service Representative via Hotline at 2299 3381 or refer to our website at www.mannings.com.hk.  




1.  What will happen if my card is lost, stolen or damaged?

-  In any one of the above cases, report it immediately to our customer service hotline at 2299 3381 by choosing language and (3) "Inquiries About Mannings Loyalty Club" and then (4) "Lost Card or Card Insurance".

- The old card will be deactivated immediately and you will be issued with another new card with point transferred by mail.


2.  How long does it take to receive a replacement card?

You will receive a new card within 7 working days. If you did not receive your card after 7 working days, please call our customer service hotline at 2299 3381.


3.  Can I continue with point collection or redemption before my new card arrives?

Due to security reasons, both point collection and redemption activities will be suspended temporarily until your new card arrives.


4.  What will happen to my existing point balance after I report card loss?

No worries. We will transfer your points balance from the terminated account to your new membership account. You can check the point balance via our hotline or website after receiving the new card.




1.  How do I make use of the website (www.mannings.com.hk)?

We strongly encourage you to explore our website regularly for newly updated offers. Here are some highlighted features:

-   "Edit Personal Profile": You can update your personal information when necessary.

-   "My Account": You can view the most updated point balance and your past transaction history.

-   "Gift Redemption Centre": A detailed redemption item list is available.

-   "VIP Day/Super Offer": More highlighted offers on VIP Day are shown.


2.  How do I log into my personal account? What is my password?

The membership ID is the 13-digit number on your Mann card.

 -  Joined before 22th July 2011: Default password is the first 4 digits of your HK ID card No., e.g.A123 (in capital letters)

 -  Joined after 22th July 2011: Default password is your registered mobile phone number

-  You can reset your password by clicking on "Change Password" and entering a new password (4-8 digits)


3.  What will happen if I forget my login password?

 If you forget your password, you can:

-  Go to the Mann Card homepage and click on "Forgot Password". The system will require you to enter your 13-digit membership card ID. The password will be sent to your registered email address,

-  Or seek assistance from our staff by calling the Customer Service Hotline at 2299 3381 during office hours.



4.  How do I redeem an item with my existing point balance?

 -  Go to our shops and redeem gift voucher or product by points instantly. Or you may redeem the rewards at our website as followings:

-  Click "Gift Redemption Centre" on the left-hand menu of the homepage.

-  Simply add items from the redemption list into your shopping basket. The total amount of the points required must not exceed your existing point balance

 -  Check and confirm you address,

 -  Confirm order summary; you will later receive a redemption confirmation letter by mail. Please bring the letter with you at the redemption location before expiry date.



5.  Can I view my past transactions from the website?

Yes. You can see 10 most recent transactions (with transaction date, points deducted, cash required etc) in the "My Account" page.




1.  When is the hotline available? How can I contact the Customer Service Representative directly?

Hotline service is available to provide 24-hour service for checking point balance. However, if you would like to contact our Customer Service representative, you may call 2299 3381 during office hours (9:00am - 6:00pm, Monday - Friday and 9:00am - 1:00pm on Saturday)


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