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    High purity (99.9%) and high content (200mg NMN content per capsule) NMN activates longevity protein, repairs aging DNA, and delays various physiological declines caused by aging.
    NMN combined with coenzyme Q10 effectively protects cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, improves memory and sleep quality, Relieves nervousness and mental fatigue, keeps our heart young, and delays brain degeneration.
    Using patented new technology, plant-based potato starch capsules, safe and reliable without animal ingredients, can be completely digested and absorbed by the body, ensuring the complete release of precious NMN ingredients

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Product Description

The premium NMN12000+ heart and brain formula is designed for people aged 50 or above. Each bottle contains up to 12000mg of 99.9% high-purity NMN, plus the anti-aging ingredient coenzyme Q10, which enhances physical and mental energy and promotes cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health. Significant effects help mature people maintain a strong body and prolong life.

With NAYCLAS's truly digestible potato starch capsules, the natural ingredients are suitable for vegans, can be completely absorbed by the body, help the body to absorb precious ingredients more effectively, comprehensively increase the NAD+ level in the body, and perfectly exert the miraculous effects of cell repair and anti-aging.

It is suitable for adult men and women who are stressed in life, prone to fatigue, often stay up late, have poor mental state, poor sleep quality, and decline in physical function.

Best dosage guidelines: Take it one hour after breakfast, once a day, 2 capsules each time

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