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Nestlé® NAN® InfiniPro® 2 800g

by Nan Infini


800G/ Tin    Item code  876862   

    2HMOs (2'FL and LNnT):
    Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) are the third largest solid component secreted by mothers during lactation. NESTLÉ® NAN® INFINIPRO® 2's unique combination contains 2'FL and LNnT which have been shown to help support immunity.
    L. Reuteri:
    A healthy probiotic culture, originating from a strain naturally occuring in human breast milk that helps to support your baby's healthy gut development.
    The pHF hydrolyzed protein is obtained through a unique hydrolysis technology to support babies' developing digestive system and to reduce the allergenicity of cow's milk protein. Allergy prevention is very important for babies, they have higher risk of cow's milk protein allergy as their immune system is not fully developed.
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Product Description

Developed based on the best of Nestlé's research on metabolism, digestion and immunity. Getting inspiration from the natural lactating secretion, it contains an optimized protein blend that is unique in both quality and amount, 2HMOs (2'FL and LNnT) (types of HMOs, not from human milk), L. Reuteri and partially hydrolyzed 100% whey protein, which contributes to building your baby’s health.

Age Group

Suitable from 6-12 months old

Powdered formula milk is not a sterile product and may become contaminated during preparation. It is necessary for formula milk to be prepared one feed at a time. To maintain the number of living cultures, the boiled water must be cooled down to about body temperature (or max. 45 degree Celsius) before adding the powder. Discard any feed that has not been consumed more than two hours after reconstitution.
The spray dry in powder manufacturing process might turn certain ingredients of the product into few dark particles. This is normal phenomenon in powder manufacturing process and can be used with confidence.

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