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2 boxes + 2 bottles    Item code  379743   

    Suitable for children with cough and phlegm, reflux of milk, indigestion and non-persistent diarrhea. 除痰止咳、祛風定驚、止吐止瀉、健脾益胃 本品適用于小兒痰多咳嗽、嘔奶、消化不良及偶發性腹瀉。 除痰止咳、祛風定驚、止吐止瀉、健脾益胃 本品適用於小兒痰多咳嗽、嘔奶、消化不良及偶發性腹瀉。
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Product Description

This product contains Calculus Macacae and other traditional Chinese Medicines. It helps to expel phlegm and relieve cough. Expel phlegm and relieve cough, dispel wind and for infantile calming, relieve occasional or non-persistent diarrhea and vomiting, strengthen spleen and stomach.

3 to 12 month baby: 1 bottle to be taken, 2 times daily with warm water. Over 1 year-old children: 2 bottles to be taken, 2 times daily with warm water. 三個月至十二個月嬰兒: 每日口服兩次,每次一支。用溫水送服。 一歲小兒或以上: 每日口服兩次,每次兩支。用溫水送服。 三個月至十二個月嬰兒: 每日口服兩次,每次一支。用溫水送服。 一歲小兒或以上: 每日口服兩次,每次兩支。用溫水送服。

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