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Wakan Japanese Probiotics (Advanced Formula) 30pcs

by Wakan


30pc    Item code  568345   

    Each pack of "Wakan Japan MultiProbiotics Powerful Version" has 9 kinds of multitype probiotics + 2 kinds of prebiotics, containing 120 billion lactic acid bacteria, which is more effective to increase intestinal diversity:
    Plant lactic acid bacteria SNK: Japanese patented ingredient (Patent No. 4621218), strong immunity
    Bacillus coagulans LacrisS: Strengthens the immune system
    Lactic acid bacteria FK23: Studies have shown that it can improve immunity by 3 times of live bacteria * and improve antiallergic constitution
    Lactobacillus brevis KP08: Strengthens the immune system, inhibits the growth of intestinal bad bacteria, and maintains the function of the digestive tract
    Lactic acid bacteria H61: Improve skin condition and delay aging
    Baker's yeast: conditioning intestinal discomfort
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae: improves the balance of bacteria in the intestines and keeps the intestines smooth
    Dry yeast: contains highquality nutrients
    Kefir powder: contains a variety of lactic acid bacteria and yeast to maintain healthy intestinal microflora
    Sake ferment: promote intestinal peristalsis, block fat absorption, and stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria
    Lactic acid bacteria metabolite FF16: provide nutrients for probiotics, increase intestinal bacteria
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Product Description

Wakan strictly selects probiotics with different functions to increase the diversity of good bacteria in the intestine, so as to more effectively maintain the balance and health of the intestine. Among them, FK23 lactic acid bacteria has won many Japanese patent certifications. After countless scientific researches, it has been proven to effectively improve immunity, enhance resistance, reduce allergies and toxins accumulated in the body, improve body functions, and make the body stronger.

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Two sachets per day are recommended for the first month, and one sachet per day after one month to continue bowel adjustment to maintain intestinal health
Can be poured directly into the mouth and served with boiling water, or brewed with 100 ml of boiling water (both hot and cold)
It can be added to hot or cold drinks or foods according to personal preference, with sweet or sour dishes or drinks taste more suitable
Heatresistant and antigastric ingredients, without capsule protection, directly to the intestine

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