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Latest update: 11 June, 2024

Important Security Alert: Update on Registered SMS Sender Name and beware of phishing websites masquerading as Mannings!

In order to cooperate with the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) in implementing the "SMS Sender Registration Scheme" to help combat fraudulent calls and messages, and to curb fraudulent websites impersonating Mannings, Mannings has applied to the OFCA for registration (SMS sender name: #Mannings) and has successfully registered.

Under the registration scheme, only companies or organizations that have registered as "registered senders" can send text messages using their "registered SMS sender names" starting with prefix "#".

For the list of "registered senders" (other sectors), please visit ( For details of the registration scheme, please visit the OFCA website ( or call the OFCA hotline 2961 6333.

Please be aware that there have been instances of fraudulent websites purporting to represent Mannings. This deceptive website falsely alleges unauthorized transactions or expired points through SMS and prompts customers to click on a link to log in, potentially compromising sensitive account information.
Mannings reiterates that we will not send any messages, including SMS, emails, or hyperlinks, requesting customers to provide sensitive personal information or any financial details. If you have not requested for a password change on the official Mannings' website, please do not click on any suspicious links.  Or if you come across any such requests or fraudulent websites, please contact Mannings Customer Service through WhatsApp or our Contact Us page.

Please be reminded that the official Mannings website is
We advise customers to remain vigilant and the following are easy ways to help identify fraudulent communications and websites:
1. The domain name includes unfamiliar domain data in addition to ".com."
2. The website content contains syntax errors.
3. You are asked to provide personal information, such as bank account details or credit card information.

In any situation, we recommend you not to click on or respond to any fraudulent websites or messages. If you are unsure whether an unsolicited communication is fraudulent or authorised by Mannings, please contact us directly to verify the communication before taking any further action.

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