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1000ml    Item code  969535   

    Arau laundry detergent is simple and easy to use, just add it directly to the washing machine, the high solubility laundry detergent can quickly dissolve in water to remove stains. The washing process is quick and convenient.
    Contains lavender, spearmint extract and essential oils, with natural ingredients to remove odor and cleanse. Without the use of softeners, Arau can also make clothes and towels soft and comfortable.
    Containing 100% vegetable oil made of pure soap, it is a natural surfactant, easy to rinse and will not remain on clothes, reducing skin allergies, dry itching, peeling, etc.

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Product Description

Containing 100% herbal infused natural soap, it is a natural surfactant. It is easy to rinse and will not remain on the clothes, reducing skin allergies, dry itching and peeling.
With the cleansing effect of sweet orange, grapefruit, lavender, lime and ylang-ylang oil, it is mild and clean; the fragrant smell makes the baby enjoy bathing.
Add natural moisturizing plant extract: Chamomile and sage extract, double moisturize the skin; contains 2 times glycerin plant nourishing ingredients, just like applying a moisturizing lotion to the skin, clean and not dry after use, moisturizing and moisturizing baby skin.
Does not contain artificial cleansers, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives, and passes skin allergy tests (but does not exclude all allergens).
The foam pump is easy to press, and the baby can also squeeze out the rich and delicate bubbles with one hand.

Skin Type

All skin types


Pure Soap (30% Potassium Fatty Acid), Aloe Vera Essential Oil

Please tear it along the cut and pour it into the main container. Do not mix other products in the bottle. Please use the recommended amount as shown in the picture above.
Please use the recommended amount shown in the picture above

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